Definition: The feeling one has toward something that hurts, opposes, offends, or annoys. From dictionary in class.

Explanation: In chapter 9 there was a lot of anger. Especially during the war of 1812. One event that caused tons of anger was when the Americans took land from the Native Americans. Tecumseh and Tenskwatawa, or the Prophet, were the two Native Americans who decided to do something about their anger. They wanted to gather all of the other Native American tribes and fight American for their land back. This event caused the war of 1812, which was not a very good time for Britain because they were already at war with Europe. The Native Americans were encouraging violence to get what the wanted.

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external image Simon_Cowell.jpgI chose a picture of Simon Cowell as my picture to represent anger, because to make someone angry you could offend them. On American Idol Simon Cowell would offend singers. These hurtful words could make someone angry at the person being rude.

Movie: The movie I chose to relate to anger is The Outsiders. I chose this movie because there are two groups The Greasers and The Socs. The two groups don't like each other at all, so they always fight with each other. In the movie you could tell that all of the violence was coming from anger, like any real fight. You would never expect so much anger and violence could come from very few boys, who get even more angry and start adding boys. The more boys the more violence, and the more violence the the rougher it gets. This movie also links to chapter nine because when James Madison was president the war of 1812 came along. Of course war has violence and anger! That's why it relates to The Outsiders. Click here to watch a scene from The Outsiders!

Textbook: "After the American Revolution, pirates began attacking American ships in the Mediterranean Sea." (Page 322)
I think this line links to anger perfectly because the pirates were obviously angry at the Americans. They actually used violence and attacked the ships. They wanted to show the Americans how they felt, but personally I think that they went too far. I understand that when your mad or angry you don't want to think about it you just act without thinking. That I believe is what the pirates did.

-Sydney Smith Period 2

Ben 1- thought your wiki was really well done. Nice job connecting to Simon Cowell, it was funny