Definition: Assiatance- the act of assisting; help; aid; support

  Explination: Assistance connects to Chapter 9 because many people helped each other in Chapter 9. One example is when Sacagawea assisted Lewis and Clark on their expidition. If she did not help them they never would've gotten the horses from the Shoshone tribe. Another way is when the Native Americans assisted the British in the War of 1812. It may not have been a benifit to the United States but we would have one the war sooner if the Natives hadn't helped.

This picture relates to my website because this man is helping his son with his homework. It relates to Chapter 9 because many people helped or assisted other people to benifit others and themselves. This photo is from this website.

I think that a work of art that could reprsent assitance is a book called Three Cups of Tea. It's about a man who helps Pakistan children by building schools and helping them with their life. It relates to chapter 9 and Thomas Jefferson because Jefferson was officially a Rebublican and republicans said that everyone had the right to learn and be part of the government.

"She (Sacagawea) was a Shoshone who would trvel with them and serve as a translater." I thought this was a great example of Assistance from the book because it should that Lewis and Clark did need Sacagawea's help for their journey. (318).

Emma S. 2nd

From Mr. Kannan
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