´╗┐Definition: a blocking, isolating, or surrounding of a place with ships or troops to prevent entrance or exit. See this definition at

Explanation: This word connects to Jefferson because he was part of the initiation of The War of 1812. He tried to stay neutral by working with Congress to pass an Act which prevented the United States from trading with Britain or France. This made the British mad, which led to the War of 1812. As part of their strategy the British set up a blockade which isolated the United States from other countries' support. Also, Jefferson had reduced spending on the military so that only about 7,000 troops and 16 ships remained available to the United States. Because of its limited resources, the Americans could not fight the British blockade.

This Picture depicts a scene of a crossing guard. This represents a blockade because the crossing guard is the blockade. He controls what comes through and what stays. A blockade does the same as that by monitoring what the area is sending out, or receiving.

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A current event that represents this word is the Gaza strip blockade. This is a blockade of land, sea, and air. The people of Israel are blockading the people currently residing in the Gaza strip from receiving weapons that could be used against them. This resulted in a war between the people of Israel and Gaza. This relates to the chapter 9-4 because the blockade was a direct result of a war. Also, these blockades were both made so that one side could not receive support to their cause. For more information about the Gaza blockade click here

"In the first days of the war, the British set up a blockade of the American coast."(328) This line represents blockade well because it is the main use of blockade in this chapter. Also, context clues can help you understand the meaning of the word.

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