Joryn West

Period 2


Dictionary Definition: fineness of feelings, thoughts, tastes, manners, exc..., civilization of a given people at a given time.

My Definition: Culture basically means everything and anything that means something to people and there lifestyles. its a very broad word, thats why its so hard to come up with examples, almost everything is culture, like trace fossils, anything could be part of someones culture. A culture could be as small as a family ar a classroom, or a group of friends, or as large as a country, or a religion. Culture basically means a way of life and a mindset that more than one person shares.

How Culture Conects to Ch. 9: As an example, if you all remember my epic beanbag trace fossil assignment, that has become part of my personal "Joryn" Culture, along with straightening my hair and covering the walls of my room with everything and anything I can find.

Another, more history related example, the Native American Culture and how it changed during the Whites move West. When the whites moved in they basically trashed everything the Native Americans believed in. They took away there food supply by hunting down the animals that the Native AMericans treasured and only ate sparcely. They took away liveing space for them by taking up land with there farms. and finally, the worst insult of all, they forced them to abandon there belifs and traditions to conform to the white style of liveing, made them cut of there long hair, change there clothes, and abandon there life styles.

this is Tecumseh, a man who fought against the alteration of his Native AMerican culture.
this is Tecumseh, a man who fought against the alteration of his Native AMerican culture.

external image western-frontier-2.jpg

And overall throughout Ch. 9 the culture of the developing America changed as history happened and new laws were created. The idea of a Republiacan came into place, part of the widespread "Republican vs. Democrat" culture. and along with that, the whole american culture overall. When/ how we get arrested, what we do, our jobs, it all depends on the past and how our culture together as americans developes.

Some Examples of Culture outside of Ch. 9:

1) Saturday Night Live- they have a certain way of doing things that they have been doing for soooooo long, and anyone who follows the show is part of the culture

2) Glee- yes i know this is another T.V. show, but its the same things, but it really is. Whenever somethinghappens on the show everyone talks about it, or coppies the style, or sings the songs.

3) Julian Middle School in General- there are so many cliques, and ways of doing things that no other school has, ID's, school lunches, everything is unique and we all know how it works because we are part of that culture.

Some Textbook Lines, and their page numbers:

1) Pg. 325 "Native AMerican Population Decreased, and their power of traditional leaders declined." - shows how the change in culture affected people.

2) Pg. 327 "To most Americans, the countries honor was at stake." - shows how passionate people are about their culture.









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From Mr. Kannan
Good start. Don't be afraid to explain culture in Chapter 9 as Republican culture, Native American culture, the culture of exploration with Lewis, Clark, and Pike, and the culture of war with the war hawks. Broaden it out as you need to. You might need to include multiple pictures of the different cultures you describe in your explanation.
Keep working well. It would be interesting if you could link culture to your bean bag culture...

-Rory 2nd Period
This was really cool! I especially liked how you linked culture to the TV shows (I love saturday night live) and Julian...nice work! Just go over to look for spelling/grammar errors here and there, but other than that it's fine.

Ben 1- Nice job, you had very good connections. You might want to put your first name and period though.

-Joryn, the writer
thxs u guys! i probly wud have 4gotten 2 put my name so u saved me!!11 and yeah same SNL ROCKS!