Definition: quality of being in accordance with the Constitution.

the United States Constitution

I personally think the packets Mr.Kannan makes us relates to my word and Jefferson's presidency. The packets Mr.Kannan makes are full of information, and cover many topics, just like the constitution. The only difference is that the writer of the packets is always here if we has any questions, while it may be somewhat harder to get James Madison to come and answer any questions you have about something being constitutional. i also think following the law is kind of like finding out about one's constitutionality, because some people take it more seriously that others, for example, Federalists and Republicans. Also, some laws might not seem fair in both cases, but people need to follow the rules anyways.external image images.jpg

These days, Judges and courts rule whether something is or is not constitutional.

The picture I have chosen is from creative commons. I believe it fits because it is the document the word is based off of; people determine whether something is constitutional, or is allowed as of what is written in the constitution.

Section 9-1 is the section I found the information about my word in. "Thomas Jefferson had long argued that the federal government's powers were limited to what was set down in the Constitution" I thought this was interesting because I had never heard this before. Section 1 also talks about when Chief Justice John Marshall ruled that the Judiciary Act of 1789 was unconstitutional.

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