Dove - A person who does not favor war

Dove can relate to Jefferson's presidency because Jefferson is a war hawk or a person who favors war, and since Jefferson is a war hawk. A dove is a person who dislikes war, they are similar because the relationship is the complete opposite.

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This connects to Jefferson because he was an opposite of a dove, he wanted war but would not go to war himself. You can think of Jefferson as a war hawk supporter.
Also when the Embargo act was passed which Jefferson agreed to, could have caused war because the embargo act stopped any trade with those countries for respect, and so France and Britain could have gotten angered. so Jefferson may have had a little part in him that wanted to provoke those countries.

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This is Forrest Gump, he joined the Marines and when he left he became like a Dove, but if Jefferson was president at the time would approve of the war. FOR EXAMPLE. if Forest Gump became president he would stop sending the troops to wars like vietnam which he served in, but Jefferson countinues to send troops

Forest Gump = DOVE
Jefferson = war hawk

line in book: War hawks - those who were eager for war with Britain.

Daniel 1

Chapter 9, section 4
pages. 327, 328

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