Dilemma -A situation requiring a choice between two equally undesirable alternatives.

During Jefferson's presidency many Dilemmas occurred. The biggest of which was the dilemma of the constitutionality of the Louisiana purchase. On one side was the fact that the constitution did not explicitly say the president could buy land from a foreign country. On the other side, the Louisiana purchase would increase the US exponentially. Jefferson decided that he did have the power, and purchased the Louisiana territory.
This picture represents the word Dilemma because the Native Americans have to make a choice of either leaving their homeland, or accepting American culture. This is a dilemma because, as the definition states, they have to decide between two unfavorable options. This traces back to President Jefferson because the Indians were forced to make this decision because of the Louisiana purchase.

I Am Legend relates to dilemma and Jefferson's presidency because the main character repeatedly had to decide whether to give up or trudge through, much like a president thinking about the status quo.

"The constitution nowhere states that the president has power to buy land from a foreign country.(316)" This sentence relates to Dilemma because it was the reason for Jefferson's Dilemma surrounding the Louisiana purchase.

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