Dolly Madison-

was president James Madison's wife. She now acts as a symbol of our countries vulnerability in the war of 1812. She is known for fleeing the White house with the presidents important belongings when the British approached it, and then proceeded to burn it to the ground. Her connection to Jefferson's presidency is because of the cuts Jefferson made during his time in office, specifically those made relating to the army and the defense of the country.When Jefferson cut the size of the army and made it something less important he it made the country not fit for war. Which is why the British were able to burn the White house. ("The American Nation" 287) ("America, History Of Our Nation" 330)

The Image above represents a sacrifice. A sacrifice is often something done to protect something that is important to you or to please your religious gods (in the case of ancient times). Dolly Madison made a sacrifice for her husband and her country when she ran back into the burning White House to retrieve president Madison's important belongings and the portraits of former presidents.
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A video I chose to connect to Dolly Madison was of president Bush talking with to the soon to be president Obama. In the video it talks about how George Bush and Barack Obama are preparing for a smooth transition of administrations. The video also mentions that although there seems to be peace between the two men there is actually a lot of tension because of their disagreements in beliefs. This connects to Dolly Madison because when a new president leaves office it hands all its problems over to the new president. Jefferson made many cuts in his administration, when James Madison took office Jefferson's problems were now Madison's problems. The cuts in the military made by Jefferson made it so that the army was very unprepared for the war of 1812 therefore making it possible for the White House to be burned.
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What do parrots have to do with the War of 1812 and Dolly Madison? Nothing really, but you can see that the green parrot seems a bit jealous of of the blue and yellow parrots. After the Americans won the revolution, British were shocked that the small untrained army was able to overcome the British army. When the British saw that after defeating them, the Americans were actually building a successful nation a sort of envy and jealousy grew with the British people. The British army was able to have a second chance during the war of 1812 and when the battle at our capitol happened they scattered American soldiers and proceeded to burn the White House. You could say that the British were burning with jealousy.
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"President Madison himself watched the battle. To his dismay, the battle- hardened British quickly scattered the untrained Americans. The British met little further resistance as they continued their march to the capital." ( The American Nation, 287). The reason this is the most important line on my topic is because it directly connects Jefferson's cuts in the military resulting in an untrained military to the burning White House that Dolly Madison ran in to. Since soldiers were not trained the White House was burned and Dolly Madison ran in as a sacrifice for her country.

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