Embargo: 1 An order of government forbidding merchant ships to enter or leave its ports.

(page 360, Scott, Foresman Advanced Dictionary by E.L. Thorndike and Clarence L. Barnart)

Embargo relates to the Jefferson presidency because when Britain and France were at war, they were not respecting America's neutrality and they were taking and raiding America's ships. When this happened, Jefferson suggested Embargo. This was accepted, and in 1807 congress passed the Embargo Act. Not many liked the Embargo Act, esspecially in New England, beacause trading with forign countries was their main business. Finally in 1809 congress repealed the Embargo Act.

I think that this picture fits "Embargo" and the Jefferson presidency because these are the types of ships that used to take American goods to forign lands.


A current event that relates to Embargo- the banning of foreign trade is that at our school, they have banned wearing leggings without having a skirt or something over them that is at least to your knee.


"It impossed a total embargo on American ships sailing to any forign port. Jefferson predicted that both countries would soon cease attacks." (p.324 in "Illinois Pretence Hall America" paragraph two). I feel that this is the most important lne in the Embargo section of the text book because it explains the definition of Embargo and what it did.

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