Exploration: the investigation of unknown places.

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Jefferson was a great president, and a smart one, too. He was thinking about buying some land, but didn't know what was there. So, he hired Lewis and Clark, two brave men who went on an exploration to find out what wonders lie on the Louisiana Territory. So, Lewis and Clark went out on an expedition to explore. They returned with amazing information, so Jefferson decided to purchase the Louisiana territory, which later became the state of Louisiana.

As you can see, this picture depicts Lewis and Clark exploring with Sacagewea. Jefferson wanted them to explore, so they did with a little help of Sacagawea.
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One movie that I think connects to the word "Exploration," is Jurassic Park. In this movie, a scientist created an amusement park in which obtained prehistoric dinosaurs for which the public could see. Before the park was opened to the public, it had to undergo an inspection to see if it's safe enough for people to go. Unfortunately, the dinosaurs manifested, creating grave danger for the inspectors. This amusement park will never be opened to the public. This relates to Lewis and Clark's expedition because like the scenario, the owner could not open the park to the public without it being explored and approved. That's how Jefferson felt, afraid of the danger that might lie on the land he bought. So rather than buying it, he hired men to explore it, sort of like in Jurassic Park how they hired people to inspect it.

One of the best lines in the textbook is, "Their return, however, brought the American people a new awareness of a rich and beautiful part of the continent." This line can be found on page 319 in the America textbook.
I think this is the best line in the textbook because it really showed how hard work can pay off, and how smart Jefferson really was. If he had bought it without knowing what was there, catastrophic events might of occurred. That's why this line is my favorite in the textbook.

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