Fight 9-3

The fight between Britain and France was when they were at war with each other, and the U.S stayed neutral because they wanted to keep trading with both countries. Unfortunately, Britain started raiding the U.S ships that were trading with France, and France did the same to the U.S that were trading with Britain. In the end, Britain started forcing U.S sailors into their navy and acted like bullies. (323)

This fight links to chapter 9 because it was a challenging conflict for the U.S, and it started with a few arguments that turned into a feud. The U.S that was trying to avoid a fight ended up being sucked into a fight with Britain and France when they were potentially sabotaging each other.
This photo connects to my word because the bully looks like he is about to start a fight with the little, terrified boy. It connects to chapter 9 because in the battle between Britain and France, both countries forced the U.S to side with them. Both countries at war were acting like bullies to the U.S

A movie that links to the Britain and France fight is Mean Girls. This is about a new girl that comes to high school where the popular kids bully her because she is different, in a sense. Britain and France bullied the U.S because of its difference in neutrality. The countries couldn't accept the fact that the U.S stayed neutral to be different. So this supports my conclusion that Britain and France acted like bullies to the so called "outsider" that was the United States.

In the textbook, page 323 explains the battle between Britain and France. It says that the war had created an opportunity for the U.S to sell their products. It also says that both Britain and France tried weakening each other by cutting off the other country's foreign trade. I think it was wrong of them to do this because they couldn't respect the United States' neutrality.

Period 2

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