Definition: The state of being free or at liberty rather than confinement or under physical restraint. The power to determine action without restraint.

The word freedom connects to President Jefferson because during his inauguration, he wanted people to know that they are free. He walked to his inauguration instead of coming in a carriage. He also didn't want people to bow to him. Instead he wanted people just to shake hands. He wanted people to know that he is one of the people. It showed that he wasn't going to be a king or dictator. If people had to bow to him, it it as if they are bowing to a king.


The photo above is wild ponies from a little island called Assateague. Assateague Island is home to many wild ponies. These ponies relate to the word "freedom" because, they are free. They are free from people, restraint and others. They connect to Jefferson because, Jefferson believed that we are a mix of everything. When he stated that all of us are Republicans and Federalist, he meant to say that we are all the same. The ponies in the picture are all different in aperence. But, they all believe in some of the same things (eat, walk, swim). Like with Jefferson. He kept all Federal policies and kept some Republican too. It showed that we can look different but, believe in some of the same things.

Rights of the picture above. Link to picture.

One piece of artwork that connects to Jefferson is the Freedom Now mural at the Du Sable Museum in Chicago, Illinois. It has pictures of famous African American people trying to free themselves from slavery. The mural is a wood carving and shows people like Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass. It shows the strong desire to be free. It represents the word "freedom" because, they wanted to have liberty of themselves. They wanted to be free from their white masters. The slaves kind of remind me of the Native Americans that suffered because of the white settlers. When Jefferson wanted Lewis and Clark to go on their Louisiana expedition, he wanted them to only make contact. But, with the slaves, they were captured and taken captive. But, it showed what the Indians became after all the west settlement. And this is what Jefferson feared. Rebellion by Tecumseh and believing in one straight mind (Republican and Federalist).

" Let us,then fellow-citizens, unite with one heart and one mind... Every difference of opinion is not a difference of principle... We are all Republicans;we are all Federalist." - Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1801.(pg.331)
This quote links to Jefferson not because he said this himself but, because, he strongly believed this When he came into presidency, he didn't fire all his Federalist workers. He believed in his "laissez faire" ideas which was a Republican idea. But, he also felt that the nation should keep paying its debt. It means a lot to me because, it shows that in some way that Jefferson was above the fact that he was a Republican. It showed that he would do what ever is best for his country instead of what his party believes.

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From Mr. Kannan:
This is a good start. Your connection is good, but need more detail and clarity. It seems like you need to figure out a bit what you want to say and then put it in words that reflects what you want to say. The thing here is that you have one of the most passionate words around, so if you blow it, that will be a challenge for you. I think that you need to make sure you avoid this at all costs, so be clear and focused in your explanation and keep coming back to it to make sure that your point is driven home.

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This is great! Now I actually understand what you meant when you were saying in class "I don't know how to link ponies to Jefferson!"...haha, nice work! (the ponies part was a nice touch.)