Definition: A frontier is defined as an international border.
Explanation: Jefferson made the Louisiana purchase, which bought a huge amount of French land and gave it to America, doubling the size of our country. This changed the place of America's frontier, or international border, and gave use a whole new area to explore.

This shows the word frontier and how it connects to Jefferson's presidency because it is a political world map- which shows all of the frontiers (international borders) on the planet.

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Something going on in the world right now that reminds me of Jefferson's presidency is the Lybian civil war because in Lybia right now there is a revolution going on, Rebels v. Khaddafi, a brutal dictator. Jefferson called his election the Revolution of 1800. He saw himself as a freedom fighter, and he certainly was in the eyes of Republican advocates, but what's going on in Lybia right now IS Revolutionary. There is bloodshed and guns and bombs and the rebels are really fighting whats wrong. But Jefferson changed the placement of America's frontier and.... wait for it... eliminated taxes. Wow, we have it good compared to other countries (coughlybiacough) is a revolution happened in 1800.

I think a line from this section that connects with this word and Jefferson's presidency would probably be
"...nearly doubling the size of America...."
Because it really the emphasizes the huge impact that the Louisiana purchase has made on the US.

Dallas Koelling, Period 1.

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