Impressment- To force someone to work in your army or armed forces.

This word connects to Jeffersons presidency because during the war between France and Britain when Jefferson was in office the British needed more men for the war so they turned to impressment and captured many American men. When Jefferson or Madison was in office niether of them ever turned to impressment as a way to get more men for their army.

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I think that this picture best described the word based on the textbook definition. It shows how Americans were forced into the British army or navy to fight for the British against france. It also reminds me of earlier in the textbook when America was still under British rule and the British forced the colonists to fight for them in the military. To see the website for this image click here

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Impressmennt can also be seen as bullying or intimidation. This is a picture of one kid bullying another. The British were bullying the Americans by captureing them and forcing them to right in their army in their war against France. This can connect to Jerfferson because he may have felt bullied or intimidated by the British when that captured so many American men.

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I think that this song by the Glee cast called "Loser like me" represents the meaning of impressment in terms of bullying or intimidation. The song is about how Sue Sylvester and a lot of other people bully the Glee kids and call them losers just for being in Glee club. It represents how even though people make fun of them and "slushy" them they don't care. I also think that the show Pretty Little Liars may represent this word because of the anonymous A who sends the 4 girls text messages. In the text A forces the girls to do things that they don't want to do kind of like the British forced the Americans to be in their army.(PLL credit to Katie Warner)

I think that this passagefrom the book are what best discribed my word: Britain badly needed sailors for its war against France. So it turned again to impressment.As a result, thousands of American sailors were forced to serve in the British navy.(323)

Cami Jordan

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