Inauguration: a ceremony in which the President officially takes the oath of office.( Another definition can be found here.)


The word inauguration represents President Thomas Jefferson because so much changed with Jefferson's inauguration. Jefferson believed that the government should be simple. To make his point he walked to his inauguration instead of riding in a fancy carriage. Thomas Jefferson also ended the tradition of bowing to the president. Jefferson replaced bowing with simply shaking the presidents hand. Thomas Jefferson's inaugural address was used to bring a country together. "Let us then, fellow-citizens, unite with one heart and one mind...Every difference of opinion is not a difference of principal...We are all Republicans; we are all Federalists (Illinois Prentice Hall America History of Our Nation pg. 311 2nd paragraph)."

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Picture of Jefferson


This photo "fits" with the concept of Jefferson's inauguration, because it is a statue of Jefferson.


One song that relates to Jefferson's Presidency is Revolution by the Beatles.
This song is about people wanting a revolution, but in the song the protesters become too radical, and create chaos. This is like Jefferson's Presidency because during his time in office national relations were strained. Manny people wanted to go to war with Britain, these people were called war-hawks (people who supported war with Britain).

Exert from text book:

This is an exert from Illinois Prentice Hall America History of our Nation pg. 310. "In other countries, the transfer of power usually involved confusion...and bloodshed." However, "in our happy country" that transfer was peaceful and orderly." -Margaret Smith, March 1801.This phrase is important to the word inauguration (pertaining to President Thomas Jefferson) because according to Margaret Smith, other countries' transfers of power are bloody and confusing. People might rebel and kill their leader, or commit some crazy crime (stealing Egyptian artifacts from a museum as seen in Egypt in early 2011). But in the United States, the transfer from Washington, to Adams, to Jefferson was peaceful and orderly. There was no confusion bloodshed, or acts of that nature.

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