James Madison

Definition: James Madison was the cause for the case of Marbury vs. Madison. Then, that made judicial review and that played a major part in chapter 9 section 1. He was the Secretary of State to Thomas Jefferson when he was President. He was also a republican as well as Thomas Jefferson. (313)

Explanation: James Madison relates to Chapter 9 and Thomas Jefferson's presidency in many ways. First of all, he was Thomas Jefferson's Secretary of State. Also, Marshall used the case of Marbury vs. Madison to establish the principle of Judicial Review. Also Jefferson ordered Madison to cease work on the appointments. He was a republican just like
Thomas Jeffers
This is the Republican sign "Grand old Party." James Madison was a Republican.
This is the Republican sign "Grand old Party." James Madison was a Republican.
on, and tried to avoid war as much as possible.

A current event that relates James Madison to Jefferson: I think the protests that are happening in Libya relates greatly to Chapter 9 because he believed in following the Constitution and equal rights just like Thomas Jefferson. In Libya the ruler is not being fair and there are protests going on because not everyone is getting the rights they deserve. You can find out more information about it here.

Text from the textbook:"When Jefferson took office, he ordered James Madison, his secretary of state, to cease work on the appointments. Marbury then sued Madison, citing the Judiciary Act of 1789. This act gave the Supreme Court the power to review cases brought against a federal official."(313)
I think that this quote from the book is important because it shows that Madison got in trouble/sued because of what Jefferson told him to do... It was all in the effort to maintain the Republican party and have the least amount of Federalists as possible. I think if Jefferson wanted everyone to get along, he should have kept it equal.


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