Definition: Money or property left in a will. I am using it with the definition of how you are remembered.

This relates to Jefferson's presidency because he created many legacies while in office. He was the first president to be inaugurated in D.C., where presidents are inaugurated today. He also was the one who bought the Louisiana Territory, which doubled the U.S.'s size. Lastly, he sent Louis and Clark. They are American heroes and every kid has heard of them.

This is a picture of Neil Armstrong. He relatess to legacy because he was the first man on the moon. His legacy is legendary.Like Lewis and Clark, he explored an unexplored "new frontier".

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Never Say Never is a movie about Justin Bieber's life. His music is well-known, but not many people knew his back story. A lot of my friends who like him say that the movie made them like him even more because they found out his interesting story to fame. This relates to legacy because it made $74 million. Imaging how many $6 movie tickets that is.That's around 12.5 million people who saw the movie. 12.5 million people will probably remember the movie due to their excitement. This secured his legacy if his music already hadn't. This relates to Chapter 9 because his legacy was concreted in society by a movie and Lewis' legacy as a outdoors man, by an expedition.

A line from the textbook that relates to legacy: "In the most famous sea battle of the war of 1812, the USS Constitution engaged the British frigate Guerriere in the North Atlantic Ocean."(328)
I think that this relates to legacy because the USS Constitution became a legendary ship, that even before I read the section, I'd heard about. Legacy is what people remember about you, and people definitely remember the USS Constitution.

-Evan K. Period:2

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