Naval Superiority

Naval Superiority Definition Courtesy Of Naval Superiority means being able to conduct naval and amphibious operations without effective interference from the enemy, with obvious advantages in strategic choices and mobility. It is important to understand naval superiority can be obtained by means other than full-scale naval battles: everything can be used to strengthen one's grip on the seas.

This relates to Jefferson because Jefferson downsized the military by spending cuts. In the War of 1812, England set-up blockades to close our ports to any trade. In this instance, Britain had naval superiority over us. he also dealt with the Barbary Pirates, giving America more naval superiority in that instance.

The Battle against Guerriere showed naval superiority because the American ship overtook a very powerful ship. If anything, it showed that although the American navy had so few ships, it could defeat a legion of opposing ships.Photo Courtesy of Some rights reserved to David Jones.

The U.S.S Constitution fought the Guerriere

John Adams was the founder of the United States Navy. Without him, we would have nothing to keep our ports safe from dangerous opposing naval ships. We have to give some credit to the person who started our naval army.Photo Courtesy Of Some rights reserved to savethedave.


One story associated with naval superiority is The Adventure of the Bruce Parttington Plans, a Sherlock Holmes story written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Some person stole some important plans for a very powerful submarine. If this submarine were to be built they would have ultimate naval superiority and the terror of the sea.
A current event that links to naval superiority would be the rebellious nature in Egypt. If Egypt were to go to anarchy, the trading route with Asia would be totally shut down for ship traders. Imported goods from Egypt would be no longer around. Trade for America and the East would drop tremendously. People in these countries are taking protective measures to make sure that their countries people are safe and have their human rights. The leaders have to make sure that the countries best interests are the most protected. Keeping a strong national naval superiority deals with this. They will have to protect their borders.
One sentence I think really shows exactly what my word embodies is:"In August 1812, the USS Constitution defeated the British warship Guerriere in a fierce battle. [328] This shows that the American forces wanted to gain complete control over the seas. We would have supreme trade and power.
In today's society, many companies get on the top by producing mass amounts of product. It is about how much you have, how good it is, and how much it pleases the "average consumer", or as I like to call them, "Oscars." They want everything that is new and high tech. They want to have the best of the best. This is sort of like the navy. How many troops you have, how good it is, and how much you can win. You could say the "Oscars" are the navy generals. They want the newest weaponry that is the best in the business.

Oliver Hazard Perry, who won the battle for America at Lake Erie

Oliver Hazard Perry is one of the most under recognized idols in American history. He is a person who fought and fought until he was victorious and yet again took control of Lake Erie. He took naval superiority over that area.Photo Courtesy Of Some rights reserved by Naval History and Heritage Command.
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