Definition: Overthrow means to take away power of; defeat. (Scott Foresman Advanced Dictonary)

Explanation: Overthrow relates to chapter 9 and Jefferson's presidency for many reasons. First, the U.S tried to take over the Native American's land, or overthrow them. In the war of 1812, the U.S defeated, which is just another word for overthrow, the British. Lastly, Toussaint overthrew the French with his slave rebellion in Haiti. This helped Jefferson because the French had to sell the Louisianna territory, thus making the U.S double the orginial size.

I think this picture relates to Overthrow because these two teams are trying to defeat eachother. When they take the ball from eacother they are taking away the power for the player to get any points.

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I think the word overthrow relates to the protests going on in Libya The protesters are trying take away power from Quaddafi. To see a video of the protests, click here!

"Barbary pirates attacked European and American ships," is a great line from the textbook found on page 322. This relates because the pirates were trying to take control of ships to gain goods. This is an example of overthrow.
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