Definition: The amount by which somthing is reduced or diminished

This word relates to Jefferson and his presidency because Jefferson reduced the amount of Federal Government. Laissez Faire- the practice or doctrine of noninterference in the affairs of others, especially with reference to individual conduct or freedom of action. Jefferson also wanted to reduce the government expenses because he thought without all the expenses the Government population would decrease and it would be more for the poeple themselves. external image FC_Diff_41705_lg.gif
A subtraction sign relates to reduction because reduction means to reduce. Reducing is growing smaller and when you subtract your number becomes smaller. With all the Government people Jefferson wanted to reduce them, make the number smaller. So he got rid of some just like when you minus a number the number decreases. The video 27 Dresses relates to reduction because Jane has been a bridesmate 27 times and kept every single dress. Throught the movie she meets aq guy, Kevin, he makes her get rid of all the dresses. She reduces the amount of dresses she owns and finally gets married herself. Reduction also relates to the movie I Am Legend because only three people live on earth, and a dog. Zombies have attacked everyone else. The zombie reduced the amount of people living there and kill two more so only one man and one dog are left.

Cut the number
of government
Shrink the military.
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Reduce government
expenses to reduce
federal power.
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Eliminate all
federal taxes.

Inspired by graphic organizer from page 312.