Definition: the principles or policy of the Republican party.

Explanation: Thomas Jefferson was strictly Republican in the sense that he led the Republicans all over the country. He also believed in Laissez Faire, a French idea. It means that less government is best. This fits into my word because Republicans favored the French over the British, they also believed in strong state government, not federal government. One example of Jefferson's Republicanism is that he tried to reduce the federal government quite a bit. He fired all the tax collectors, reducing the number of people in the government.

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This picture relates Thomas Jefferson to my word because one of Jefferson's "republican ideas" was to fire all tax collectors, eliminating most federal taxes. Photo courtesy of
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I can think of two art samples that would connect my word to Thomas Jefferson. The first one, Les Miserables, can connect to Republicanism because the Republicans of Jefferson's time were pro-French, and once again Jefferson was the leader of the Republicans. Also, Les Mis is about the French Revolution which was the French fighting for their freedom. Republicans believed that all people should have political power, and that's why Republicans can relate to Les Mis. The second art sample that I can connect to Jefferson and Republicanism is the American Gothic painting. This painting represents agriculture, and agriculture was more important to Republicans than business and trade.

". . . a number of people had been convicted and fined under the act. Jefferson ordered those fines refunded." Jefferson was a Republican that strongly opposed taxes just like most other Republicans (312).

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From Mr. Kannan:
Very solid start. Continue on. I think that you could have some very interesting images or connections to this as you progress. It might be interesting to see if the definition of Republicanism has changed since Jefferson's time or which one has remained. Continue on!