Definition: Way to go, road(From dictionary in class.)

Connection: The word, route relates to Thomas Jefferson's presidency because he took a certain path to bring people together. His route was through simple ways. Although it was not a literal route, he still took a path in his presidency, that was different from previous presidents.


This picture relates to Jefferson's presidency because, it represents his path to bring people together. It is an ongoing road because the task of uniting people will never be completely successful.(To see where I got the picture, click on the photo.)

The Long and Winding Road

The word route relates to art too. The song, The Long and Winding Road, by the Beatles relates to route and Jefferson's presidency, because the road isn't always a straight path. Jefferson didn't have everything laying in front of him. The song also calls it a "winding" road, which means there are some places that aren't so easy throughout the journey.(To hear song, click on the link above.)

A line from the book that relates to Jefferson's presidency and the word route is; "He walked his inauguration instead of riding in a fancy carriage."(From page 311 in textbook.) This line represents a literal route, because he walked the route to his inauguration. It also represents he took a different route than the other presidents by believing in simple customs.

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Ooh, your picture is cool...and I liked how you linked Jefferson to the Beatles also. Good job!
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