Sacagawea-An American Indian guide and interpreter for the Lewis and Clark expedition. She was a member of the Shoshone tribe.

Sacagawea was an important part of Jefferson's presidency because she helped anchor the Lewis and Clark expedition. Without her, Lewis and Clark would have never made it past the Rocky mountains.She helped Lewis and Clark to get the horses needed to cross the moiuntains from the other Shoshones( 318)

external image Lewis_and_clark-expedition.jpg

I chose this picture because it accurately represents what Sacagawea really did for the Lewis and Clark expedition. In the picture, you can see that Sacagawea is the one extending her left arm out, and directing what looks to be Lewis and Clark for their exploration.

This is the current event sampling. The movie trailer is from the movie Year of the Yao which documents Yao Ming's journey to the US. Once there, he has to get used to life and he gets a translator to help him, because he cannot speak any English. His journey is like the journey of Lewis and Clark. Both travel to a foreign land. Both also get translator and guide to help them out. Sacagawea is the guide for Lewis and Clark, while Yao has the translator.

My word is in section 9-2. My favorite line is "Thanks to Sacagawea, the Shoshones agreed to sell the horses needed to cross the Rockies." (318) I like this line because it really shows how vital Sacagawea was to the success of the expedition. If she hadn't known the Shohone chief, the expedition would have ended right there, and that part of the country would have never been explored. It was crucial to have Sacagawea on the expedition.