Definition: Bipartisanship can be defined as "including members from two parties or factions."

Explanation: Bipartisanship connects to Jefferson because it reflects one of his primary goals of his administration. He understood the need for Republicans like he who were in power to reach "across the aisle" to his Federalist counterparts. This was one of the major goals of his administration.

This picture shows bipartisanship because it represents how people in government are supposed to work together to reach agreement. The people do not look that different, which is the essence of bipartisanship.

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I think that a film that would represent bipartisanship and Jefferson's connection to it would be "The American President." It would represent this because Jefferson tried to be the President for all America. Click here for a scene that Jefferson would like because it speaks for the nation of "America" and not simply political parties.

"We are all Republicans, we are all Federalists" is a great line from the section because it speaks clearly to the bipartisanship that Jefferson wanted (311).

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