A goal is the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.

The word goal represents Jefferson's presidency in many ways:
  • Jefferson set many goals for America to accomplish
    • He wanted to limit the power of the federal government over the state and the people
    • Jefferson wanted to reduce the federal taxes to the bare minimum
    • Thomas Jefferson also wanted people to support Laissez Faire
    • He wanted to shrink the national military
    • He also wanted to spend the money to buy New Orleans so they could transport good to foreign country's
    • Finally, he wanted to send people to explore all the new territory he had purchased
  • Lewis and clark's goals
    • They wanted to explore the many parts of the new territory and get to the Pacific Ocean
    • Lewis and Clark wanted to communicate with the Indians
    • In the end they succeeded
  • Pike's and Indians goals
    • Pike wanted to get to the Pacific Ocean by climbing over the Rockie Mountains but he failed and had to turn back
    • The Indians wanted to get their land back from the Americans that are taking over the land
There are many reasons I choose to use this particular photo to represent my word. One reason I choose this picture was because it shows many different people coming together and shaking hands. this shows how people work together and push away there differences, just like Jefferson wanted.

There are many movies that represent the word goal. One movie is called Stand By Me. Stand By Me relates to the word goal because the four boys want to find the dead body of Ray Baurer before some of the boys older brothers. This was their main goal in the movie. They thought this would make them famous and that's all they wanted. Eventually, the boys found the movie but didn't want to turn in the dead body so instead they made an anonymous phone call to the police. This is like Jefferson because he had many goals he wanted to achieve like exploring the new territory. The boys also explored new territory when they were following the train tracks until they reached the body. Here is a scene of the boys walking through the forest and exploring just like Lewis and Clark. Click here to watch scene!

"Jefferson's First goal was to limit the federal government power over states and citizens."(311)
This relates to jefferson because it shows how he had many goals that were listed but there were also some goals that were implied.
"Jefferson used his inaugural address to bring a divided country together."(311) this implied that Jefferson wanted to bring everyone together so that they worked together better. Jefferson didn't care what race a person was or what political party they were from he wanted everyone to work together and that is what the second quote implied.
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