To keep within the limits(from class dictionary)
The word restrictions is in many ways related to Jefferson's presidency.
  • The first way it is related is that in order to buy Louisiana from France he had to change the restrictions of the Constitution making the purchase of land be the same thing as making a foreign treaty.
  • Another way is that before Lewis and Clark went on their journey to the west Jefferson gave them restrictions of what to find, they had to map the land, see if there was a water way to the Mississippi River, and make contact with Native Americans.
  • Another Restriction that Jefferson made was how much power the Federal Government had, he wanted to give states and citizens more power.

This image shows restrictions because in a coloring book you need to stay in the lines also like staying within the limits

Film Relating to Restrictions:The movie The Adjustment Bureau relates to the word restrictions because it shows how much you are restricted of choosing how your life will turn out and that there are people who do things that will change the whole outcome of your life.Click here to get preview of movie

Section Line: The Constitution, he reasoned, allowed him to make foreign treaties.(pg.316)
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I like your idea of coloring inside the lines. It really connects to your word. Sydney Smith per.2
I agree with Sydney. Nice work!
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