*note* I didn't mean to put the "bipartisanship" thing in the title, so just ignore it...the actual word is just "settlement". Ironically, it's the most boring one on the list...what a splendid coincidence!

Definition: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/settlement

(1. the act or state of settling or the state of being settled; 2. the act of making stable or putting on a permanent basis./8. a colony, especially in its early stages; 9. a small community, village, or group of houses in a thinly populated area. *I thought that the first two definitions could be linked to Jefferson figuratively and the other two literally*)

Explanation: This word conveys particular aspects of Thomas Jefferson's presidency, one of those aspects being the forced removal and extermination of the Native Americans. Jefferson and the Americans were exploring the West and destroyed the lives of the Native people with their own settlements. (8th & 9th definition) Another way in which it can be linked to his presidency is how he altered many facets of the federal government as well, hence a reference to the first and second figurative definitions. For instance, he reduced the number of governmental employees in order to reduce federal expenses as well as federal power in his"Revolution of 1800". Furthermore, the first and second definitions of the word can be used to explain the simplest link to his presidency, and that was his inauguration and the beginning of his presidency. "The act of making stable or putting on a permanent basis" described him becoming president and getting used to the job; "making his days as president stable and permanent". He also doubled the size of the U.S. by forming the Lewis and Clark expedition, which "settled" the new alarmingly large proportions of the United States.


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I think this picture represents the word settlement (and its connection to Jefferson) mainly because Macy's, quite rudely, took over the landmark Marshall Field department store chain and that it reminded me of how the Americans made their own settlements on Native American land and shooed the Native American people away. Just as Macy's acquired Marshall Fields and did away with the major chain of stores, the Americans basically ruined Native American life and took over completely. A statement that supports this further is "Out with the old and in with the new". I honestly no clue if I said that right, or if that's a well-known statement at all, but I could swear I heard and/or saw it somewhere...Anyways, the first two abovementioned definitions represent Macy's making their reign permanent and/or stable (2nd one) and how they "settled" into their new spot as the head honcho of the corporation. (1st one) When Marshall Fields and Company was still in business, it was more than just a chain of department stores; it had been around for long enough that it became part of Chicago culture and a major tourist attraction as well. The corporation cared less about making money than pleasing people. When Macy's inherited the throne, however, it wasn't nearly as fascinating as Marshall Fields. That was like when the Native Americans, who were proud people with a strong legacy and culture, were eliminated by foolish Americans who only cared about expanding the size of their country.

A movie that I think represents this claim very well is the popular film "Avatar", in which the human race invades Pandora, a moon of Neptune, and proceed to destroy wildlife sacred to the indigenous people, the Na'vi. This movie reminds me of how the Americans bulldozed (figuratively; I doubt any of them had bulldozers at the time) Native American culture to cater to their less important needs.

I'm typing this section in the grossest color available on purpose, mainly because I dislike this portion of the assignment...oh well, ya gotta do whatcha gotta do...*ahem* The line from the textbook that, in my opinon, represents the word Settlement and its connection to Jefferson is as follows: "The tide of settlement had a grave impact on Native Americans. Diseases such as measles, smallpox, and influenza killed thousands of Native Americans who had never been exposed to such diseases before. Settlers took over large parts of the Native American hunting grounds." (325, section 9-3) This directly explains the severe things that happened to the Native Americans after the Americans settled on their lands. (8th and 9th definitons.) If people hadn't settled on the Native American land, then most likely none of this would have happened...however, the past unfortunately can't be changed.

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AMAZING! Loved the connection to macy's and I totally get that. I also like the icky green. Awesome connections!